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One of two things tends to happen when visitors are done reading this blog.
The feedback/reaction after reading this is, 'undoubtedly; this is exactly what I was looking for in my Prof.'
or it is 'definitely this ain't what I was looking for in my coaching!'

These polar user ratings are demonstrated by Google Analytic's feedback mechanism. With my honest, to-the-point responses on this one-page website, I make sure you remain in no double mind. I'm quite a straightforward person, clear as to what I seek to ensure. These are solely two things:

1. Theory should meet practice. The application is key.
2. Explain and derive the formulas intuitively; a deep dive.

When & where?

I conduct the batch at Andheri on the weekends. Lectures start by 3pm. I like to teach even a small topic in the full detail, for which I go on till 9:45 pm. You give extended hours, I cover the syllabus twice. You read that right, all what is taught, there shall be a repeat cycle for all of it till your exam. There will be multiple breaks, and anyways, my lectures are enjoyable; filled with exploring global economy, geopolitics, discussions on companies, quizzes and puzzles. An advantage of capping my group size at twenty two pupils is it lets me haunt if you doze off at class. Just ribbing, forget yawning, you wouldn't even blink once you're in the world of finance and related discussions. On a more reliable note, I ask every learner, after every explanation, if the understanding was crystal clear. No one must feel lost or left out in class. Studying in a modestly sized batch will be a blessing in disguise.

What extra materials do I offer?

You need nothing more. Trust me; a dozen elements will cause your education complicated. For those who can dedicate time, the official institute’s curriculum is the gold standard. From my side, I'll provide you accurately whatever is a must. I'll note down a three-step process - a learning methodology that works for many*

The step one, you read through the volumes along with my class notes/curriculum cards. My unique pre-level-one demonstrations will be inbuilt, before the inception of every subject. Our pre-level-one explanations might not be testable on your level one exam but ensure learning from the scratch. If you’re taking level two, I recap all the applicable points from level one.

Step two is drilling through questions. Practice makes you avoid making the same blunders. I'll be frank in stating that a lot of practising won't happen during class hours. I equip you with resources and question banks. I think my time can be put to better use: me re-explaining the notion in a reverse fashion is more valuable than standing to supervise while you solve.

Now, step three of our process is the deciding one. The final stage entails a revision of topics, remembering the formulas and attempting mock exams.

I take this packed crash course for the vital topics. Not a virtual one, but an in person bootcamp during the last month. The simulated mock exam mimics an actual exam like environment, coated with my techniques and tricks for the D-day. To remember the formulas, you have a comprehensive formula sheet prepared in house, for all levels. The booklet is handwritten, effective than a printed PDF. The recall memory for the handwritten fonts is excellent. I relish taking care of these minute details. (I just don't fancy making testimonial ads of the offerings.) Come, experience all of it in your time here at V D Shah!

Delivery methodology, fee:

PPTs are no match for the smell of the chalk running against the blackboard. Traditional teaching in small-sized batches is the school I belong! Coming to the fee, it is ₹38k (non refundable). I’ll be retaking most of the syllabus before you take the exams. Ask for the schedule, and feel free to resit for the repeat. If you manage to book a seat in the first cycle, you get the benefit of repeating in the second!

This way you could not only cover up missed sittings but also revise difficult subjects. I don't believe in leaving students with one-sided videotaped recording, evermore prefer interaction for greater clarification. The fee not only covers the e-books but contains invaluable 'time', say mentoring via one to one session with every student in the month of your exam. That's when you require those pieces of advice - what to skip, what to study, a customised exam day plan, your order of attempting the exam paper and so on. Devoting an hour with every student wouldn't have been plausible if I ran multiple branches with hundred students. My batch capacity of ` will be in your best interest.

Reach out

to me on 9969637888. WhatsApp me your
-academic background (course) [e.g. BBA from NMIMS]
-college (the last college attended). [MBA from MN & MBA from institute]

Above three details are a must. Along with these, do specify your availability for a meet on weekday evenings, i.e. post what time you will be available?

I check WhatsApp notifications once a week, so please do dial the call after you fill up these details & I’ll call you back. I'll invite you for a familiarisation session so we can meet in person. I love discussing cases related to equity research and valuations.

Click on the WhatsApp icon at the bottom right of this screen for an appointment. Apart from adding you to a disciplined forum, I don’t spam with promotional communications; my batches run full anyway. In fact for the 2019 admissions, I had to form another waitlist lengthier than my class size; but I'm contented with the scale I operate.

Moreover, I help engineers and graduate freshers with research assignments. Further, I moderate a forum where analysts engage in business talks. Your participation and networking will benefit you. You connect with my alumni, which is spread across investment banks and research houses centred in Mumbai. Will be happy to help in getting your resume delivered in the right organisation!

Links to helpful Recourses/video tutorials:

KhanAcademy Finance: http://bit.ly/khanFinance

MoneyWeek Tutorials: http://bit.ly/moneyWeek

A terminal enigma that some might hold: I’m horrible at arithmetic. Shall I enrol in the program?

No! Finance is synonymous with numbers. That doesn’t mean complex stats, but logical calculations of fractions percentages and problem-solving. Khan Academy on YouTube has a pleasing teaching approach. It has been instrumental in harmonising my style.

For example, I'm taking a class on probability concepts. You come across a formula:

Probability of (A or B) = P(A) +P(B) - P(A&B).

Where does the last part -P(A&B) come from in the formula?

Let's say, Out of four days, A comes to class for two days (50% of the times), and B comes for two days (50%). Can I say that on all four days (100% of days), either A or B will be present?

No. Why not? Because A & B might turn up on the same day. A comes on 1st & 2nd. B arrives on the 2nd & 3rd day. When I add A + B, we end up counting Day 2 twice. To correct for the double counting, we deduct (A&B - the day they both came). So this is why!

You can expect to decode more of these at class, as to why -ve into -ve equals positive. I look forth on seeing you soon :)